Clear google search history mac

Method 1. Open Safari. You can delete your recent searches from within the Safari browser.

How to Clear History on Google Chrome (MacBook Pro)

Click the URL bar. If you are using an older version of Safari with a separate Search bar, click the Search bar instead. Delete any URL that's currently in the bar. This should ensure that your recent searches are displayed. Click "Clear Recent Searches" at the bottom of the list. If you need to delete all of your browsing history, click here.

Delete a single entry. If you only want to remove a single search history entry, you can do so from the Bookmarks view. Search for the entry that you want to remove.

Delete the Browser History in Google Chrome on a MacBook Air

Select the entry and press Del or right-click it and select "Delete". Method 2. Open the Settings app. The only way to delete your search history in Safari for iOS is to delete all of your browsing history.

Scroll down and tap "Clear History and Website Data". You will be asked to confirm by tapping "Clear".

This will delete all of your browsing history and cache, along with your recent search history. I cannot delete my browsing history. I have restrictions. Is that why? Yes, go into settings and turn off all restrictions.

Why Remove (Or Keep) Browser History?

Then you can clear history and reset the restrictions. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6. Choose "History," then "Show History. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 6.

How to Delete Browsing History on your Mac

If it's on iPod touch then you have to go into bookmarks where you'll find history, then when you go in there you will see a button that says clear at the bottom. Article Edit Discuss. Home Tech Hardware Apple Macintosh. Questions and Answers. To do this, we're going to go to the Apple in the top left-hand corner, move over to Chrome then click on preferences.

Was this step helpful? Click on History on the left side.


At the top, we have the option to clear browsing data. This will bring up a list of options. Now you can see it says No history entries found, which means it has successfully deleted all of your data. This is how to delete the browser history in your Macbook Air using Google Chrome. I was checking for a video of Peppa Pig and then our history looked messy so I want to delete it and isn't deleting? Please solve this prob here so we want to kind of delete Peppa Pig from our history so we can write more things to watch on YouTube so we try to delete it we couldn't delete it please try and delete it on chrome Macbook air.

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