Best addons for xbmc mac

You can find almost any streaming platform there, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and more.

1. USTV Now

They transform Kodi from a simple media center into a dedicated streaming box. Even without a media library, PlayOn allows you to build one from scratch. PlayOn costs money, which is uncommon among Kodi add-ons. It has everything from actors to box art for your movies. There are databases for music and TV shows in the official repo, too, so this entry will serve as a placeholder for them. While it makes your library more attractive with official box art, fan art and more, it also makes your library easier to search.

The Movie Database automatically scans your library to find metadata, meaning you can search by year, genre and much more. Open Subtitles solves the issue, with subtitles for over 4 million TV shows and movies in 75 languages. For watching your content at low volume, or just figuring out what the hell the actors are whispering, Open Subtitles is a must. Modern streaming platforms offer a lot of convenience that some may take for granted, including curated content and auto-play.

When moving from the more user-friendly platforms to Kodi, the experience can easily fall flat.

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LazyTV offers a solution: LazyTV is like an intelligent playlist maker for Kodi. You can, for example, randomize the episodes for sketch comedy shows or even add movies to your TV show playlist. Just as throwing on a workout playlist is mindless, LazyTV takes the indecision out of streaming. LazyTV asks you to be hands-off while Trakt asks you to be hands-on.

Exodus Kodi Addon 6.0 Regained Top Position for Most Popular Kodi Add-on August 12222

It takes the manual aspects of modern streaming platforms and adds them to Kodi. After finishing content, you can give it a rating and put it to rest as you make your way through the rest of your library. Plus, you can create watchlists.

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Trakt integrates with a desktop application that scans your media library and allows you to create lists. The range of stations is excellent. SHOUTcast serves everything from talk radio to reggae. Finding what you want is simple, too.


It has many filtering features that allow you to sort by bitrate, number of listeners and more. It takes inspiration from two popular Kodi themes: Aeon Nox and reFocus. It offers a deeper level of customization, though. Your homepage, for example, can be changed to display a wall of movie and TV show art or a gallery of content that you can scroll through.

Mimic works especially well with metadata add-ons, such as The Movie Database. It allows you to show off fan art, for instance, instead of the official posters for movies and TV shows. With the right metadata add-on, you can find fan art and add it to your homepage without extra work. Kodi is open source, so anyone can download the source code and change it. The team behind Kodi supports developers with a development kit that allows programmers to jump on and create their own add-ons, as well. Noobs and Nerds is one of the best repos and its Tutorials add-on should be an essential for anyone using Kodi.

It includes everything from installing Kodi on Windows to configuring it on special platforms. The add-on comes from the Noobs and Nerds repository, which you can find at http: It has come back to life, though, in the form of Exodus Redux, the epitome of streaming on Kodi. It has almost every movie and TV show you could want to stream, many of which have just aired or entered theaters. You can find Exodus at https: Nemesis AIO is a sexist, but useful, add-on for Kodi. Like Exodus, it scrubs online sources for content and allows you to choose a stream.

Even with its somewhat narrow categories, Nemesis AIO has a lot of content. It has fluid navigation, quick fetching and a variety of content, including anime, music and audiobooks. You just need to dig to find what you want. You can find it in the Stream Army repository, which is located at http: Exodus Redux has changed the experience and, while most of it is still intact, die-hard Exodus fans may be yearning for the old friend. It brings together movies and TV shows by scrubbing online sources to find streams. Plus, it comes with an extensive maintenance toolset for integrating third-party services and managing your stream sources.

Unlike a lot of unofficial add-ons, it comes from 9Anime. You can install it directly as an add-on with Kodi without going through a repository. Download the. In many parts of the world, though, including parts of Africa and Asia, streaming porn is illegal and finding access to it is difficult, at best. Our testing with the add-on was spotty, though, as is common with Kodi add-ons. Outside of sports, cCloud has a lot to offer. You can find it in a few repos, but we had success with the Kodi Bae repo, which you can find at https: SkyNet is a repo that acts like an add-on.

One of the standout offerings in SkyNet is The Magic Dragon, a video add-on that has a unique advantage over other Kodi streaming platforms in that it has reliable sources for 4K content. We were able to get newer movies, such as A Quiet Place and Annihilation , running without any hiccups. SkyNet needs the Maverick and Supremacy repos installed in order to work because it pulls add-ons from them. If you want it, your best bet is to use Kodil, which you can download at http: Long story short, Kodi is legal, but piracy is not. Popcornflix is in the official Kodi repository.

Big Star Movies is a provider of free on-demand movies and shows for fans of independent movie studios.

Top Kodi Add-ons for Movies & TV (That Still Work in 12222)

It carries action and adventure movies, biographies, award-winning dramas, documentaries, film-noir, sci-fi and fantasy movies, and lots of other genres of film. Big Star Movies is part of the MetalChris addon repo. To install, open a browser on your Mac and navigate to the official MetalChris repo page. Click clone or download , followed by Download ZIP.

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  4. Once this is done, load Kodi and click addons , then click the package installer open box icon. From there, select install from ZIP file. Navigate to the place where you saved the file and click it. This will install MetalChris repo. See also: The best Kodi addons for movies. FilmRise is an independent film and TV distribution company with the rights to thousands of titles.

    The FilmRise Kodi addon gives you access to all of this content through a simple menu system. Follow this guide to get FilmRise for Kodi on your Mac. YouTube is mostly known for how-to videos, funny cat videos, and other short content. But it also has a large collection of feature films. YouTube is part of the official Kodi repository. Crackle is a free TV and movie site owned by Sony. Retribution , and many more.

    25 Best Kodi Movie and TV addons that Still Work [Tested Feb ]

    To install Crackle for Kodi on your Mac, follow this guide. This includes channels devoted to gaming, celebrity gossip, sports, movies, and many other interests. For a complete guide to installing and using the Pluto. It offers live streams of all of the U. USTVnow is in the official Kodi addon repo. FilmOn is a free over-the-top TV service, with thousands of channels to choose from. It has channels devoted to cars, celebrities, religion, classic shows and movies, education, Greek TV, Russian TV, food and wine, kids shows, and more. While all of the above addons stream from sources that are completely free, you may sometimes want to watch content that requires a subscription.

    Here are a few of the best Kodi addons that stream premium content. Higher-tier packages are also available that offer more sports channels or movie channels like HBO and Showtime.