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What it lacks in polish, it makes up for in price.

Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps

These cloud storage services should all be household names at this point. Which one you go with depends on your budget, preferences, and needs. Google Drive is a no-brainer, since you get 15GB of space and can easily synchronize files to your laptop or desktop to work on them offline. Take that, thumbdrives.

We like that the app is ad- and crap-free, is completely open source, and can automatically quit or shut down your PC when your download is done. Backblaze is our new top pick for backup services, since it costs half the price of Crashplan previously great and does all the same things.

A good alternative is Keka , which is also free, also opens a bunch of different archive formats, and can even be faster than The Unarchiver depending on the archive format and size. If you have issues with one app, try the other, and you might find that it does a better job extracting your files.

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Welcome to Catalina

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The Essential iOS Apps for The Essential Windows Apps for There are plenty of Android apps that can also be used with those services. KUguardgrl13 macrumors May 16, 2, Kansas, USA. Skype can also do instant messages, so you and your friend can both download it.

The 10 best messaging apps

There's also Facebook Messenger. You can use the web page, and your friend can download the Facebook Messenger app. AIM is outdated. It was popular 10 years ago but not now. Show hidden low quality content.

You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom. That may change soon, however. You could still use your current OS but you would be risking your security. And remember, even if you continue running an older version of macOS, you may keep applications up to date using the tool in CleanMyMac X. The new features like Sidecar and Voice Control, along with the new apps, Music, Podcasts and TV, and the improved existing apps make it very exciting. The improvements to security and privacy are also very welcome.

Before you upgrade, however, remember. To do a bit of housekeeping and give your Mac a bit of a spring clean, using CleanMyMac X to clear out junk files and clear the way for Catalina. Did you know? Prepare for Catalina Before you start making plans to upgrade, check whether your Mac is compatible with Catalina.

MacBook Pro and later. Clean up your computer This step is pretty important, because in order to prepare the backup of your Mac it has to be stripped clean of all the outdated and junk files. Back up your Mac Please.

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Click on the Time Machine icon in the menu bar. Choose BackUp Now. Wait for it to finish. Check your bit apps Have you got any old apps? Consider what kind of upgrade you want to do There are two options here. Regular install Fast Less likely to run into problems Less chance of data loss. Clean install Clears out junk files Your Mac will run more quickly than it will following a regular install Any problems with previous install eradicated.

Slower More risk of data loss Need to reinstall apps and recover data. Once you've signed up and followed all the instructions, download the beta. After launch day Launch the App Store app and search for 'Catalina'.

Wait for the file to download, and then quit the installer as soon as it launches. The installer file is now in your Applications folder. Creating a bootable installer Remember I said there were two ways to create a bootable installer, depending on whether you are comfortable with Terminal? Plug in your freshly-formatted USB stick or hard drive.

Chat-Like OS X Email App 'Unibox' Now Available in Mac App Store - MacRumors

Quit Terminal. Creating a bootable installer via Terminal. How to upgrade to macOS Catalina Ok. Clean up. Back up. The clean install procedure: Plug the USB stick or hard drive you used to create the bootable installer. Restart your Mac , holding down the Option alt key. Give the disk a name Macintosh HD is fine. Now, choose Install macOS.

Press Continue. Choose the drive you just erased as the destination. The regular install a. Mac cleaning tool, CleanMyMac X. Smart Scan process.

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  • Press Scan and wait for it to finish scanning your Mac for junk files. Installation after the cleanup:. Catalina will now download. If asked, type in your admin username and password. Find My. Better Apple apps. Voice control.

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    Privacy and security. Screen Time. Restore from snapshot. What else is missing from Catalina? Catalina problems and fixes Like any operating system, macOS Catalina has its fair share of problems. Restart your Mac in Safe mode Restart your Mac from. Shutdown your Mac.